Friday, December 14, 2012


Today's challenge was very timely and fitting. I can't go into too much detail about the task itself because there are still parts of it that are unfinished, but I can say it involves children and sending toys to a struggling family this Christmas season.

I'm at work today, listening to one of my many pandora stations, when I get a news alert on my phone that there was a school shooting in Connecticut. Immediately my heart sank. But as I tuned in on the radio on my phone, and as the news came pouring in, I felt physically ill. 

To think that this Christmas, 20 families will have presents wrapped and ready for children that have passed away because of the cruel and senseless act of a very sick and twisted human being. 20 children who won't get to experience the joys of Christmas morning and all of the excitement that follows. 20 children who were robbed of a life of joy, wonder and love with their families.

I'm not a parent, though I hope to be some day, so I guess I can't empathize to a full extent in that degree. But how my heart breaks so deeply for these families and I just want to scoop them all up and hold them close and love them. It's another perspective shifter. I woke up this morning and was semi-cranky because I didn't feel like getting out of bed. But in reality, I get another chance at life, another chance at loving those around me, and not taking the breaths that I take each morning for granted.

I am very excited about being able to send gifts to a family that needs extra love this Christmas season. I'm hoping in a few days I can disclose a little bit more information, but there's still some details that need to be worked out so I can't give it all away. I wish so badly that I could give more, but financially I'm giving what I can. More than anything, I hope my gift just represents that someone out there cares for this family and is thinking of them.

Hold your babies closer. Tell your families you love them. Be thankful. 

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