Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I had something in mind for today. And I even started typing something. But now I sit here in tears and I've erased it all. Because something much more important has come up.

Some of you may have seen me post on Facebook about my friend Amanda, her family, and mostly her sweet daughter Reese. Back on October 31st, Reese was taken to the hospital and there it was discovered that she had a brain tumor. The past 6 weeks have been nothing short of hell on earth for Amanda and EJ, at least that's what I could imagine. Tests. Tubes. Wires. Machines. Countless surgeries.

Last week we were all elated to see that Reesey was coming home. This new routine for the Skelte family was going to be a battle, but they were just happy to have their girl home. Last night Amanda had to take Reese to the ER because she had thrown up and Amanda was quiet all day. And this made me nervous.

So tonight, I wish that I was posting a lighthearted post, but Amanda and her family need prayers.

Here's her most recent post.

I know that I'm getting readers from around the world. Blogger has a fancy way of checking those stats. So, I'm asking for prayers, from all around the world. For Reese. For Amanda. For EJ. I wanted this whole advent challenge to be a way to reset my way of thinking and look at life in a different light, take the time to think of others before myself. So I beg that you join me and send all of the love and prayers you have towards this family.

I'm going to add the donation page on here so if anyone feels like they can donate to the family, that would be wonderful.

Please spread the word. We want a Christmas miracle and we want Reesey better.

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  1. We are joining in this prayer. Praying so very hard. xoxo