Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Whew. I'm tired today. So tired, in fact, that I'm ready to fall asleep at nearly 8 pm. I had another crazy busy day at work and in the middle of all the madness, I realized I forgot to pull my task from my envelope. Doy.

Thankfully, it was something I could easily do when I got home. I have to remember to get it in the morning though, because I might need all day to plan for some of these things.

Anywho, tis the season for giving right? Well, today's task was to give away 3 photo sessions. That's right 3 free photo sessions. That's a lot of time and work to just give away for free. But Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas people. That's how it goes.

So, how was I going to do this.

I made a facebook status on my photography business page that said "I need three people from the St. Louis Area to comment on this status. And go."

Easy as that. The first three people get a free session from me for Christmas.

30 minute session.
10 images.
All for free.

Either keep it for yourself or give it as a gift if you want. But Merry Christmas to you, Kami, Jeanine and Alex.

And for the rest of you (shameless plug) if you're in the St. Louis vicinity...click on my button over on the right and check out my blog. I'd love to photograph you in 2013. And share the photo love. Tell your friends!

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