Tuesday, December 3, 2013

day one 2013

Perusing through Hulu and Netflix I found a few classics I haven't seen, Blazing Saddles, Roman Holiday, Gone With the Wind but honestly I had somewhat of a strict criteria for this challenge when I did this on Sunday evening. Being that I didn't get to the challenge until 10 pm and I had to work the next morning, as much as i wanted to see Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, I couldn't quite stay awake for two hours...not really a night owl anymore. Then, there it was, the perfect classic but short film for me to watch, The Red Balloon. On my forearm I have a tattoo of a small girl holding one single red balloon with the words "Let Go" scripted underneath and so many people ask me if it has any connection to this movie. Each time I was asked I would simply say that I had never seen the film and then explain the meaning behind it. Now I can at least say I've seen the movie. 

The Red Balloon is a short French Film about a small boy who finds a red balloon and as the movie goes along you find that the balloon has almost human-like characteristics, following the boy around like a companion. The balloon seems to take on the role of a loyal friend throughout the film and the boy in turn treats the balloon as a friend, taking it with him everywhere, even to school. Without much speaking in the film it's not hard to gather a tight bond growing between the boy and the balloon. It's strange because much like Wilson the volley ball in Castaway, this inanimate object takes on a personality to the viewer and you begin to feel a connection to it as well. 

I don't want to give away the whole movie, so if you have about 30-35 minutes to watch this movie, I highly recommend it. It's an Oscar winner and I can definitely see why.

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